What is Rumine

The first thing to say is that Rumine is not another media player: it's a tool that helps you to manage your mp3 files when they are still archived into rar files.
Infact Rumine doesn't play the mp3 files on its own but it enqueues them to your favourite player's playlist.
To do this, the DCOP protocol is used and, for this reason, it runs mainly in a KDE environment: the players actually supported are Amarok and Kaffeine.
Let's explain this better.
Often we have backup copies of our own favourite CDs converted in mp3 format and, later, they are archived in rar (or zip) files. Moreover, to save space, they are no more uncompressed and so they are out of our favourite player collection that searches only for .mp3 files.
Rumine allows to you to have your mp3 files still archived in rar files but easy to find. You should no more remember into which rar file it's stored but thanks to the Rumine's window you can easily retrieve it.

Name's origin

Rumine is the italian word for "rumen". The rumen is the larger of the three prestomach of the ruminants and it's the one into which the chew food is "stored" at first, and through which the solid part of chewed food passes, coming from the reticulum before returning to the mouth. From the features description you will understand that Rumine has more or less the same goal to store the mp3 media files before to send them to the local playlist. This last could be compared to the "omasum", through which the digesta from the "rumine" pass, to begin the last part of the digestive process: in the same way the file to play is sent to the media player. Moreover, the Perl's dromedary is a ruminant, isn't it ?

Last update,
22 apr. 2008