23 apr 2008 Rumine v.0.3 delivered !!!

Rumine's v.0.3 is now ready to be downloaded. A big new feature is available: now also the .zip archive files are managed. So also your mp3 files "hidden" into .zip and .rar files can be listened into your favourite player.

22 apr 2008 Website reworked

With some non standard browser Rumine website appeared not properly rendered also if the CSS were validated. Now you can surf among the Rumine's infos also with these browers.

17 apr 2008 New Rumine's website

Rumine's web pages are redesigned. An horizontal menu has replaced the former vertical one and the old pages organized in frames have been replaced by more easy to access CSS styled pages.

08 apr 2008 Rumine-02 released !!!

A progress bar during the collection building has been added.

05 apr 2008 Rumine is online

Rumine's web pages are online. Now you can find more detailed info about its usage.

27 mar 2008 Rumine-0.1 first (beta) version released

See the related Rumine's project news page on here

Last update,
22 apr. 2008